SecretEats – The Underground Dining Experience

SecretEats – The Underground Dining Experience (with limited seats).  Never heard of it?  Well, let me tell you a little bit more about this amazing concept.


SecretEats throw dinner parties, but not just any dinner party.  The venues are exclusive, the hosts fantastic, celebrity chefs and as an added bonus, you get to meet some amazing people, all in one sitting.

You simply sign up via their website or send them an email.  The amazing folk over at SecretEats will then send you an invitation to join them once the dinner date is confirmed and await your booking confirmation.  Everything is prepaid ahead of time and the price will vary according to the event, the chef and the venue.

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#Blogvember – Are you in?

OK, so Blogtober was a royal effup so I’ve decided to join Cupcake Mummy and Love, Kids and Other Things in their #Blogvember Challenge.  The challenge is simple enough, blog once a day for the month of November in order to get your creative juices flowing.  See, I told you it was simple!  What are the prompts for each day?  Again, so very simple.  Just have a look at the image below and use each number against the respective day and there you go.


So, now that you have all of your prompts for November… Are you in?  I would be so stoked if you could join us in the challenge!

Tuesdays Tune

Today’s Tuesday tune is going back in time.  Way, way, way back in time.  With everything that’s been going on lately I have been spending so much time reflecting on certain situations that I have been through or those that I am still trying to get through.

This song is guaranteed to bring back memories.  Amazing memories.  Memories of me driving through to Landudno Beach with a special someone.  Watching the surfers.  Drinking Vodka and Lime.  Spinning Pringle Wheels (not me, her) so hard inside a convenient store that every single tin goes flying.  Laughing so hard that we couldn’t breathe.  Notebooks and diaries.  Singing out loud with the windows down.  Pool cues and jukeboxes.

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{Review} The Original Konjac Sponge

By now I am sure you have heard the phrase “Konjac Sponge” floating around the blogosphere, twittersphere and anywhere else you may find yourself floating around looking for new and exciting things in the beauty industry.

Yes, I may be a bit late getting onto this Konjac Sponge boat but I am so happy that I finally got my ticket and boarded that boat before it sailed.

konjac sponges product range banner

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